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Ezekiel and the Cave

There was a boy named Ezekiel who sought to ask God a question about creation.

So, he journeyed for three days in the direction of the sun without food or water and, on the third day, came upon the cave where God was said to dwell.

Upon entering the cave, Ezekiel found many wondrous treasures scattered about the floor. There were fine jewels and robes of silk, gold coins and silver plates, and many other wonders. Yet, there was no passage into the depths of the cave, only this one room. Ezekiel sifted through the treasures, ignoring the ones that would have brought him great fortune, and found what he was looking for: a small wooden figure of a boy. He picked up the figure and watched as the treasures disappeared revealing a door at the rear of the room.

There was a lantern on the wall beside the door, but Ezekiel passed it by and ventured into the darkness of the passage. The passage took him deep into the mountain and the darkness only increased as the light from the door faded.

At the end of the passage Ezekiel came upon a wall of jagged rock. He lifted his hands and placed them as high upon the wall as he could and pressed ever so slightly. The wall collapsed, revealing a great chasm. He could sense that there was nothing before him but emptiness.

Ezekiel stepped forward and fell…forever.

Then, everything was light and Ezekiel felt a voice from within.

“What is it that you seek?”

Ezekiel smiled.

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