God is everywhere to me.  I engage God through religion, walk with God in nature, and dance with God in art and music.

God was first revealed to me through humor.  For years I performed in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, spreading the peace, joy, and love that I found with anyone who would listen.  My time as a performance artist was transformative, but my desire to move deeper into the reality of God brought me home to North Carolina.

I received a BA in Religious Studies from North Carolina State University and an MA in Contemporary Spirituality from Loyola University, Chicago.  I interned with a progressive minister at a spiritual community in Raleigh and was eventually ordained in a shamanic ceremony, receiving the woodpecker as my totem animal.

The more I study the myriad ways that God is revealed to us, the more I feel that it is my duty to participate in that revelation.  So, HERE I am.

I humbly offer my services to anyone looking to connect with God (spirit, Allah, Jehovah, Tao, source, etc.) at the most fundamental level.

PeaceLoveJoy, Andy

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My beliefs are constantly evolving.

Here's why!

Circle of Belief


We have had the pleasure and the privilege of hosting Reverend Andy Ross as a guest speaker at the Triangle Center for Spiritual Living a number of times over the last couple of years.  He has an amazing ability to share deep Spiritual Principles with clarity and humor.  Concepts that often appear as difficult to comprehend are easily understood and embodied under his guidance.  Who he is and how he walks his talk is a shining example for all of us on our spiritual path.  I whole-heartedly recommend him to speak, to teach, and to provide spiritual guidance.

Rev Dusty Rippelmeyer

Spiritual Director

Triangle Center for Spiritual Living