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Out of the Garden

God walked with Adam and Eve to the edge of the garden to say goodbye.

"Why must we go?" Eve protested.

God smiled down on them. "I know that you are afraid, my children. But, you must follow your own path, now."

A tear formed in Adam's eye. "Why can't you go with us?"

"I will always be with you," God replied. "Though, you will no longer see me, I will be there, closer than your own breath."

Eve looked into the mystery of God's eyes. "I wish we could stay in the Garden forever."

The soft glow of God's face began to fade. "Being with the two of you in paradise has been joyous, but I must let you go so that you may know what it is to be alive."

Adam and Eve turned and stepped through the gate.

They felt the sun on their faces and the dirt between their toes. What were these sensations, these feelings?

The couple moved forward slowly, afraid of what they might find, but exhilarated by the newness of creation.

They never looked back.

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