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Everything we have ever experienced has been mediated through the wonder of creation. But, where does it all come from, and why do we exist at all? God is eternally creating. Each plant, animal, and thought is an expression of God’s being. The second volume of this theology for the HERE and NOW is a meditation on God’s creative process. When was the beginning? Why does God create? How does God create? By asking these questions, we discover a God that is both immanent and transcendent. God is creating here and now. All we have to do is look.

We are experiencing God always. The experience of God, however, transcends our capacity to comprehend it. We will never fully grasp what God is, but this does not mean we should stop trying. Our ideas about God set the tone for our spiritual development. The further we are willing to journey into the mystery of God, the more we will be transformed by it. The bigger the ideas, the bigger the God, and the more our lives will reflect God. When I set out to write “Where is God?”, it was my intention to entertain the biggest ideas possible. I wanted to understand the God of all things – the God of religion and science, the God of music and beauty, the God of life and death, the God of love. This is a book of ideas, big ideas.

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